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Johnson's Baby Powder Asda £1.25 200g
Huggies Baby Wipes Pure Superdrug £2.49 56s
Ella's Kitchen Chicken & Rice Casserole with Apricots RRP £1.79 **SPECIAL ORDER** 130g
Ella's Kitchen Strawberries & Apples Stage 1 RRP £1.79 **SPECIAL ORDER** 120g
Johnsons Baby Lotion PM £2.00  300ml
Johnsons Baby Oil New Pack PM £2.00  300ml
Pampers Baby Wipes Fresh Clean Boots £1.00 52s
Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive Boots £1.00 52s
Johnson's Baby Shampoo PM £2.00  300ml
Johnson's Baby Bath PM £2.00  300ml
Huggies Baby Wipes Disney Frozen  56s
Huggies Baby Wipes - Pure (Quad pack) Boots £3.50 56'sx4

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